Split System vs. Ducted Air Conditioning – Which is Best?

Investing in an air conditioning system to beat Canberra’s summer heat is the best thing you can do, but which do you choose – split system air conditioning or a ducted air conditioning system?

We can agree that both are great! What will work best for your home and lifestyle is the million-dollar question (luckily, these systems don’t cost that much!), and knowing the pros and cons of each can help you make a decision.

What is a Split System Air Conditioning System?

Split system air conditioners have two main units: the head unit and a condenser. Both are mounted to a wall, but one is installed inside and the other outside. 

With a split system air conditioning unit, you can cool or heat your house. You can install a head unit in every room that needs servicing and run them separately as needed.

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The Advantages of a Split System Air Conditioning System

1. Easy to Install

Split system air conditioning installation is much easier compared to traditional systems. 

2. Versatile

Split system air conditioning systems can be installed practically anywhere! They need a small hole in the wall, where traditional air conditioning systems must be near or under a window.

3. Quiet to Operate

A split system air conditioning system can operate at about 19 decibels, making it a quiet unit to run. 

4. Easy Air Con Maintenance

Maintaining the inside and outside units of a split system air conditioner is relatively easy. The inside unit has removable filters that you can clean and put back or effortlessly replace.

The outdoor unit also needs cleaning, which is easy to do.

Our team at Green Air Heating & Cooling are experts in maintaining split system air conditioners. Learn more about the benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance. Hint: it saves you lots of money in the long run!

5. Energy Efficient

A split system air conditioner can use up to 30% less energy than other air conditioning units. 

The Disadvantages of a Split System Air Conditioning System

1. Limitations on the Outdoor Unit’s Installation

The outdoor unit of a split system air conditioning system can’t be installed if you have limited balcony or backyard space. 

2. Not Ideal for Larger Homes or Spaces 

Split system air conditioning systems are great for heating or cooling smaller spaces however if you need your system to heat or cool your whole home or a larger area, you will need multiple systems or will need to consider a different system such as a ducted air conditioning system.

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What is a Ducted Air Conditioning System?

Ducted air conditioning systems provide cool and warm air to your home through a duct system installed in your roof. It has a central unit with a condenser, compressor, and air handler typically installed in or on your roof.

The Advantages of a Ducted Air Conditioning System

1. Removes Humidity

A ducted air conditioning system is excellent at removing humidity. 

2. Greater Output

Ducted air conditioning units can service larger rooms than other cooling units. This unit provides an enhanced circulation of fresh air.

3. Affordable Installation

Ducted air conditioning installation in multiple rooms is much cheaper than installing several split system air conditioning systems. With a ducted air conditioning system, you only need to install one unit since you distribute the ducts to multiple areas from there.

Utilise Smart Home Technology

Air conditioning has continued to evolve over the past few years and what is exciting to see now is the utilisation of Smart Home technology! With brands such as Air Touch, Daikin, Panasonic and Mitsubishi air conditioners all offering this technology, you can switch on your system before you are home so you can truly stay comfortable in your home as soon as you step through the door. 

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The Disadvantages of a Ducted Air Conditioning System

1. Energy Use

Ducted air conditioning systems use more energy than split system units, and if there are leaks or damage to the ducts, their electricity use increases even more.

2. Ducted AC Maintenance

The ducts used for this air conditioning system need to regularly be maintained to prevent holes, leaks, and mould. If this isn’t properly cleaned, the air distributed throughout your home can result in allergies.

Green Air Heating & Cooling are experts in ducted air conditioning maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an air con maintenance call. 

Split System Air Conditioning vs. Ducted Air Conditioning 

On paper, split system air conditioning has more advantages than ducted air conditioners. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re better for your home. The newer ducted air conditioning systems come with a heap of benefits and Smart Home technology

When choosing an air conditioning system, you need to consider its installation and running cost, noise level, maintenance requirements, and your local climate to find the one that suits your needs best. 

Split system air conditioning units can cool and heat, work great for zoning, and are easy to install. However, modern ducted air conditioners can also heat your home and be installed for zoning. 

It’s best to speak with an experienced air conditioning technician to help you decide which system is going to best for your home or office. Our Canberra  air conditioning team is here to help you make this decision so you can enjoy the benefits for many years to come!

The Verdict

Older ducted air conditioning systems aren’t a great choice, but if you opt for one of the newer units on the market, you’ll get many of the benefits of split system air conditioning unit. 

Keep your budget, cooling and heating needs, available space, and the climate in your area in mind when deciding if a split system or ducted air conditioning system is best for you.