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Split System Air Conditioning for Your Canberra Home

If you are a Canberra home owner on a budget, a split system air conditioner can be a great option if you are looking to heat or cool a specific space that is small or relatively enclosed. In most cases, a split system air con (also known as a wall hung air conditioning unit) is easy to install, is efficient to run and has low costs compared to your ducted air conditioning systems. 

A reverse cycle split system air conditioner provides both heating and cooling functions which is perfect for Canberra residents to get through our hot summers and colder winters. 

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Why Choose a Split System Air Conditioner For Your Canberra Home?

Split system air conditioners are a popular choice because they are easy to operate, cool a room quickly and have a quick installation time compared to other systems. 

Energy Efficient

Split system air conditioners are more efficient and require less energy to function. They are designed to heat or cool a specific room or area which means they do not need to cover the whole house like a ducted air conditioning system.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Split system air conditioners are super quiet to run which is perfect to maintain peace and quiet in your home! The noisest part of the unit is the condenser which is located outside.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining your split system air conditioner is easy as the system is only made up of two units - the indoor wall hung unit and the outdoor unit. Our experienced team can help you maintain your split system AC to help it last into the future.

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What to Expect When Installing a Split System Air Conditioning Unit

Split system air conditioning installation is hassle free with Green Air Heating & Cooling.
We will help you right from the start of initial quotation process right through to the completion where we teach you how to utilise all the features and benefits of your brand new air conditioner.

Split System Air Conditioner Cost

The advantage of choosing a split system air conditioner for your home is that the costs are relatively lower compared to that of a ducted air conditioning system. As the name suggests, a split system system is split into two parts – the indoor component which is mounted on the wall and the outdoor component.  

If you’re tight on finances, the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme can offer some relief and help you achieve your home or office heating and cooling dreams. We have partnered with Brighte who offer zero interest loans so you can create a more environmentally friendly living and working space right now!

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Split System Air Conditioner Installation

Installing a split system air con unit is relatively quicker than a ducted air con system. Each home is different, but generally we are able to install a split system unit in around 3-5 hours. Our experienced team will provide you with full details as to what to expect when we inspect your property and the room where is needs to be installed. 

Our Green Air Heating & Cooling team are highly experienced so you can trust that your air conditioner will be installed safely and efficiently. 

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Split System Air Conditioner Brands

There are a wide range of energy efficient split system air conditioning brands available on the market. Whilst we do install any brand, we do work closely with our preferred providers to ensure our customers access the highest quality products at competitive prices. Some of our trusted brands include Mitsubishi, Samsung and Daikin air conditioners. Find out more about our split system air conditioning brands.

Not sure which air conditioning brand to choose? Have a chat with our friendly team. We can help you decide which brand is right for your home or office set up. 

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