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Which Ducted Heating & Cooling System Is Right For Your Canberra Home?

If you are looking for a fast and convenient way to heat or cool your whole home or  larger space, then a ducted heating and cooling option could be the right choice for your Canberra home or office. 

Green Air Heating & Cooling specialise in the installation of a variety of ducted systems including ducted air conditioning, ducted gas heating and evaporative ducted cooling. 

Speak with our experienced team today to find out which ducted system is best suited for your home or commercial space. 

If you are looking to upgrade your current system to a more environmentally friendly model, you could be eligible for the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme. We proudly support local Canberra residents accessing more sustainable heating and cooling options for their home. Learn more about how we can help you access more eco-friendly ducted heating or cooling solutions. 

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Ducted Air Conditioning Canberra

Ducted air conditioning is perfect for cooling homes and other large spaces compared to your smaller split system air conditioning units. They have the added benefit of being able to cool certain zones which allows you to focus on cooling specific rooms that are in use which not only is environmentally friendly but will also save you plenty of money in power bills. 

Most of our favourite ducted air conditioning brands such as Air Touch and Daikin Air Conditioning come with all the Smart Home features which allows you to control your ducted system from your phone. Learn more about our trusted ducted air conditioning brands here

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

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Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

The installation time of your ducted air conditioning system typically depends on the size of the system being installed. Our team will inspect your home to make sure a ducted air con system is the right option for you. 

Installation of a ducted air conditioning system involves installation of an indoor unit, outdoor unit, installation of ducts that will deliver cool air to multiple rooms, a thermostat and a zoning system. 

At the completion of the installation, our friendly team will take you through how to use your new system and get the most out of your new ducted air conditioner. 

Ducted Gas Heating Canberra

There is no need to freeze through Canberra’s cold winters! Turn your cold house into a cosy and inviting home with a ducted gas heating system. Ducted gas heating is a popular heating option for Canberra residents as it offers a fast and affordable heating solution for your home. 

Benefits of Ducted Gas Heating

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Ducted Gas Heating Installation

Our qualified technicians will make your ducted gas heating installation feel like a (warm) breeze! By strategically positioning the outlets throughout your space, we can ensure that your entire home or office is heated together or zone areas for specific times of the day.

We recommend installing a Brivis ducted gas heating system in your home or office if you want to beat the Canberra cold for good!

Evaporative Ducted Cooling Canberra

Keep your house cool with an evaporative ducted cooling system. Utilising the natural process of water evaporation, your house can stay cool effectively even during the hotter summer months. The unit has a fan that draws warm air in, moves it over a water-saturated pad, and cools it via evaporation before spreading it into your spaces through vents. 

Benefits of Evaporative Ducted Cooling

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Evaporative Ducted Cooling Installation

Our skillful team can install a ducted evaporative air conditioning unit on your roof in no time! They’ll discreetly place vents in your ceiling and connect a series of air ducts for optimal functionality. 

An outside unit will be placed on your building’s roof, from where the system will draw air to refresh your home or office. 

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